Sri Vyasatirtha Vidyapeeta

Jnanenaiva param padam

श्री व्यासतीर्थ विद्यापीठम्

ज्ञानेनैव परम् पदम्


Bharatavarsha or  Bharat called India at present was a treasure of knowledge, research and development in myriad disciplines for centuries

Philosophy, Linguistics and literature were only few of them . These disciplines received a huge encouragement from religious institutions of this country all the time. Sri Vyasaraja Mutt (Sosale) is one such institutions of South India; Sri Vyasateertha was the pontiff of this mutt during the golden age of Vijayanagara during the 15th Century.

Sri Vyasateertha was a scholar of very high order in many disciplines of Vedanta studies. He was the Rajaguru of Sri Krishnadeva Raya, he himself worshipped Lord Srinivasa at Tirupathi for 12 years , he patronized a large number of scholars and students who pursued, Veda, Vedanta, Vyakarana , Alankara, Mimamsa, Nyaya, Tantra , Kavya and many other disciplines.

Sri Srinivasa Teertha, Sri Vijayeendra Teertha and Sri Vadiraja Teertha, Sri Purandara Dasa were amongst his disciples. This Academic Grandeur of Sri Vyasateertha , which was upheld with the same tenacity by many of his successors like Kambalur Ramachandra Teertha , Seshachandrika Teertha, Bhashyadeepikaacharyaru, Laxminatha Teertha among other saw a gradual decline over generations as various such institutions in our country did.

Gurukula in Mysuru

His Holiness Sri Vidyashreeshatertha swamiji, present pontiff of Sri Vyasaraja Mutt (Sosale) a scholar of eminence in various branches of philosophy (Darshanas) is planning a revival of this academic grandeur of the bygone era. As a first step in this direction, Swamiji has established Vyasateertha Vidyapeetham in the premises of Sri Vyasaraja Matha in Mysuru.

Mysuru is the cultural capital of Karnataka and there are numerous institutions in the city providing facilities to the study of history, art and culture, this ambience helps the growth of SVVP to the envisioned height. The Gurukula at present has facilities to teach Veda, Vedanta, Nyaya, Vyakarana and Pourohitya.

HH himself is teaching some subjects of Nyaya, Vedanta to the senior students of the Vidyapeetham. The Vidyapeetham has sought the services of seasoned, and eminent scholars residing in many places across the country .They are teaching many subjects to the students of the Vidyapeetham

The Vidyapeetham makes arrangement for the study of English, Mathematics, Modern Science up to X standard and facilitates students to take up exams such as SSLC at State level or equivalent under NIOS (National Open School of India). The students will also be encouraged to take up undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral studies.

Significantly, the study of Vyasatrayas -Tatparyachandrika, Nyayamrita and Tarkatandava that are considered, as the 3 epics of Sri Vyasateertha will be given emphasis along with allied subjects for greater accomplishments in scholastic studies. Vidyapeetham is a residential Gurukula. It provides all the facilities to students without collecting any money from them; it meets its expenses from the contributions by the devotees.

Facilities in Gurukula

At present about 45 Students are being provided free education along with boarding and lodging with all the cost being borne by the Vidyapeetham. There are well equipped rooms for the students with individual racks provided for storing their books and other materials, modern housekeeping ethos have been imbibed in the children and they have been trained in 5S concepts of Housekeeping which is originally a Japanese concept, Children are encouraged to maintain personal and Social hygiene and lot of motivational concepts have been applied to drill in discipline at an early stage.

Special Care has been taken to provide them a healthy and a satwik diet prepared in a traditional firewood kitchen after consultation with many people and the daily diet includes Breakfast at 8AM, Followed by Lunch at 12.30PM after the afternoon sessions and before the evening games children are given snacks (Mainly Protein content) A weekly Schedule has been defined on the Menu. Dinner is around 8.30 pm and a tasty milk potion with almonds, kesari etc. is given at night, Traditionally Ghee has been believed to be a catalyst to enhance memory and it is ensured sufficient amount is given to every child.

Fortnightly health Check-ups are arranged and a pediatrician visits the Vidyapeetham regularly, a dedicated resource ( asst Warden) is employed to care of these needs of the children. The children are exposed to modern concepts on technology, general knowledge, Star Gazing etc. by seeking help from experts from respective fields to ensure that the children have an all-round development.

Yoga is mandatorily taught every morning to ensure that mind and body are in perfect cohesion to facilitate quicker grasping of all the subjects. Periodic Excursions within the city and outside like Mysore exhibition, Wax Museums, Cultural competitions, are regularly conducted also outstation tours like Udupi,Hampi,Srirangam , Tirupathi ,TN Pura , etc. have already been done and many more such tours will be planned in future.